Drummer | Songwriter | Visual Artist

About Me

I started playing drums at around age 6-7 after discovering Kiss and Peter Criss. Even though my first Kiss album was Animalize with Eric Carr on drums, something about the original line-up clicked with me. Music was always present in my family when growing up with my father being a bass player and my uncle being a drummer. I was often invited to play on my uncle's drum kit during their rehearsals and I was also occasionally invited to play on some songs if my father's band had some gigs nearby. This was a big foundation for me learning by listening. At age 13, myself and Stefan (Zell) started our first band together with my mothers much younger brother Lars. At first we played mainly Kiss-inspired rock with some punk influences, eventually it evolved more into an Iron Maiden kind of music.

In 1995 Stefan and I started the band Wolverine mostly just as a side-project to play some kind of Amorphis/Morbid Angel-inspired death metal with additional clean singing. That eventually progressed into the realms of "prog-metal" inspired by bands like Fates Warning and Queensryche. We released our first EP in 1999 and we have been releasing albums since then.

My life took another turn in 2009 when I got diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis. As a drummer it's not the optimal situation to be in but with the aid of the meds of today things could be worse than they are. As of now the arthrisis has little to no effect on my drumming and hopefully it will stay that way.

Through the years I have also been playing live and recorded with various bands and artists. Most notably, among many others, I have been touring with the Swedish folk-rock band Nordman, with which I also recorded some drums for their album Korsväg, released in 2010. Also the exceptional eccentric Swedish artist Thomas Di Leva who I have been touring with off and on since 2010. The best school, in my opinion, is to play with as many different people as possible, you learn alot and you always find there is so much more to learn.

Drums and gear

My two main drumkits that I use are one custom all acrylic kit built by Mayfish Custom Drums in Belgium and one custom all aluminum kit built by Oriollo Drums in Serbia. The setups consists of a 10" tom, 14" and 16" floor toms, 22"x18" (Mayfish) or 20"x14" (Oriollo) bassdrum and mainly a 14"x6,5" Ludwig Supraphonic snare. On the left side of the hi-hat I use various snares and sometimes a Nord Pad with a Nord Drum 2 module. I use various cymbal brands, 13" or 14" hi-hats, 20" or 22" rides, 16" and 18" crashes and 12" and 18" chinas (Wu-han mainly). As for sticks I use anything 5B-ish with wood-tip. I also have other various snares and drumkits for different purposes.

I try to do most of my recordings myself with my 16 input mobile-recording setup that I have. Feel free to contact me at if you have any inquiries about drum recordings or live stuff.


Here are some of the bands and artists I have played live with, recorded with or worked with in some other way: Wolverine, Thomas Di Leva, Cucumber Park, Moist, Nordman, Christer Sandelin, Tommy Ekman, Micke Syd, Dan Hylander, Lili & Susie, Malin Jonsson, Monica Törnell, Little Boo and the Virgins, Rocktools and more...

Other friends and people/stuff I admire in general: Spacelab Studio, Jacob Hansen, Atariage, I/O Music, Andreas Ahlenius, Born Star Studios, RCI drums, Nord keyboards